I don’t want to see horribly injured pets posted online anymore🫣


People that keep posting theses serious injury pics of their pets should be ashamed! Take ur pet the the EMERGENCY ROOM! … Or a vet or an online “live vet chat” website… there are millions out there!!!! Reddit users in No way are qualified to save ur pets life! Reddit can be useful for advice or help with basic pet inquiries only. It makes me wonder what their true intention is! As for everyone else feeding to the issue, please stop evolving ur selves in the equation, THEY ARE JUST LOOKING FOR ATTENTION! Let’s make it stop!🙏🏻 The Humane Society of the United State website link. “Lack of veterinary care” is illegal and the pet owner can be prosecuted. https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/report-animal-cruelty

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